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Do you have arm & hand paralysis due to stroke, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury?

MyndMove can help. This life-changing neurorehabilitation therapy promotes neuroplasticity, making it possible for individuals to voluntarily move their entire arm, hand and fingers again.

MyndMove Promotes Neuroplasticity

MyndMove is a non-invasive functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy for individuals with arm and hand paralysis due to a stroke, spinal cord or other neurological injury.

Based on the concepts of promoting neuroplasticity, MyndMove is designed to improve voluntary movement of the hand and arm. Neuroplasticity is the process of retraining the central nervous system, comprised of the brain and spinal cord, to regain function after injury. Read more about MyndMove Therapy. 

Who can Benefit?

MyndMove can benefit people with upper extremity paralysis or paresis post stroke, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. MyndMove is a prescription therapy. Please discuss MyndMove with your therapist and physician to determine how MyndMove might help you reach your rehabilitation goals.

Is it right for you? Please see the full list of Indications for Use and important safety information for MyndMove therapy.

What to Expect?

Regaining arm and hand function can improve independence in performing activities of daily living and reduce the amount of support an individual requires daily to live independently. Incorporating MyndMove into a neurorehabilitation therapy program improves lives for individuals and their families. Read the Success Stories.

Ready to get things moving?

To learn more about this therapy or to find a clinic near you, please contact us.

MyndMove was developed based on Research by Dr. Milos R. Popovic and his team at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network and the University of Toronto.

MyndMove is approved for use in Canada.  MyndMove is restricted by law to investigational use in the United States and other jurisdictions.

Have you suffered a traumatic injury from a motor vehicle accident? Your insurance may cover MyndMove therapy. Contact us for more details.

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