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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FES?

FES stands for functional electrical stimulation. FES is electrical stimulation used to produce functional movements.

Electrical stimulation is artifically produced action potentials in motor neurons to generate a muscle contraction.

Is MyndMove an invasive therapy?

No, MyndMove uses low current and surface electrical stimulation. Single-use electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin to stimulate specific muscles through the use of low-level current.

Does MyndMove stimulate the brain?

MyndMove therapy focuses on stimulating the muscles in the upper extremities. There is no direct stimulation of the brain. 

The MyndMove device delivers electrical stimulation to the muscles and the muscles send a signal through the afferent pathway to the brain. Patients attempting a movement send a signal through the efferent pathway to the muscle. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, a new pathway for the intended movement is established.

What does MyndMove FES feel like?

Similar to other forms of surface electrical stimulation therapy, patients will feel a tingling sensation at the site of stimulation when being treated with the MyndMove system.

What are the side effects and risks associated with using MyndMove?

Electrical stimulation therapy has some risks.  Some of these risks are known based on decades of experience with surface electrical stimulators.  Accordingly, MyndMove should not be used on patients with any of MyndMove's contraindications.

Typical side effects of surface electrical stimulation can include:

  • Possible adverse events include skin irritation and electrode burn
  • Possible allergic skin reaction to tape or electrode may occur
  • If stimulation levels are uncomfortable or become uncomfortable, the stimulation amplitude should be reduced
I underwent FES therapy in the past and still require rehabilitation therapy for my upper-limb paralysis. How do I know MyndMove will be more effective?

MyndMove is a unique therapy that uses the application of FES technology in a way not available with other FES devices. 

There is no guarantee that you will regain control of voluntary movement in your arms and hands with MyndMove, however, clinical evidence suggests that MyndMove therapy results in gains in voluntary movement in most patients.

To find out if MyndMove could help you, contact your healthcare practitioner.

I’ve been receiving Botulinum Toxin in my arm in order to counteract constriction. Am I eligible for MyndMove therapy?

One of the contraindications for use of MyndMove is the use of Botulinum Toxin in the affected area within the last six months. The presence of Botulinum Toxin in the arm interferes with MyndMove’s ability to establish a connection between the muscles involved in a movement, and the brain.

For more information on this contraindication, contact us or talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Does my age affect the ability of MyndMove to improve hand and arm function?


People of any age can undergo MyndMove therapy as long as they are able to actively participate in therapy and communicate with the therapist and satisfy the criteria of MyndMove's indications for use.

Where can I get MyndMove therapy?

MyndMove is currently available in Canada. For information on clinics offering MyndMove Therapy, contact us.

I don’t live in Canada, how can I get MyndMove therapy?

MyndMove is currently only approved for use in Canada. We are working on gaining regulatory approval for use in other markets. Contact us, for updates.


I had a stroke several years ago and continue to have weakness on one side of the body. Can I benefit from MyndMove therapy?

Patients must be medically stable and able to communicate with the therapist during therapy to benefit from MyndMove. If you meet those two qualifications and MyndMove indications for use, contact your healthcare practitioner to find out if MyndMove is appropriate for you.

What does it mean to be able to actively participate in therapy?

Patients must be able to verbally or non-verbally:

  • communicate with the therapist
  • give consent
  • attempt the movements being practiced
I am currently undergoing physiotherapy for my paralysis. Can I also enroll in MyndMove therapy or do I have to finish my current course of therapy first?

You can receive MyndMove while undergoing or in addition to receiving other forms of therapy.

I had my a stoke more than 6 months ago, can I still benefit from MyndMove therapy?

For chronic patients, there is no maximum length of time since stroke in order to qualify for MyndMove therapy. Contact your healthcare practitioner for more information on subscribing to MyndMove therapy.

I have had more than one stroke. Can I benefit from MyndMove therapy?

Studies have shown that patients can benefit even after multiple strokes.  Contact your healthcare provider for more information on subscribing to MyndMove therapy.

Patients must be medically stable and able to communicate with the therapist during therapy to benefit from MyndMove. If you meet those two qualifications and MyndMove indications for use, contact your healthcare practitioner to find out if MyndMove is appropriate for you.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

What levels of SCI can benefit from MyndMove therapy?

MyndMove has shown positive results in the treatment of individuals with C3-C7 level spinal cord injuries.

Is MyndMove effective on individuals with complete SCI?

There is data showing that MyndMove can improve upper-limb function in individuals with complete SCI.  To determine if MyndMove could work for you, contact your healthcare provider.