How MyndMove™ Works

MyndMove™ is a non-invasive FES therapy whereby electrodes are placed on the skin over the muscles to be stimulated. Individuals are instructed by a trained MyndMove™ therapist to actively attempt to engage their muscles in the desired movement, sending a signal from the brain to the muscle.

During this attempt, the therapist uses the MyndMove™ device to deliver tiny bursts of electricity to the muscles. The stimulation causes muscles to contract and the movement sends a signal from the muscle to the brain.

Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, this coordinated effort trains a new neural pathway that enables improvement and recovery of voluntary movement.

How MyndMove™ is Different

MyndMove™ is designed to treat the entire upper extremity with a single stimulator; from the shoulder to the fingers. Each MyndMove™ therapy session involves practicing a variety of precise reaching and grasping protocols including:

  • holding a cup
  • holding a pen
  • bringing the hand to the mouth
  • reaching to the side
  • reaching forward
  • picking up, holding & manipulating everyday objects

MyndMove™ therapy includes patented technology that achieves functional muscle contractions at very low stimulation intensities.

After 20 or more hours of therapy, MyndMove™ clients are often able to control some movement in the arm and hand voluntarily. Results are unique to the individual, with some clients experiencing gains earlier and others requiring longer periods of therapy. Read about the benefits of MyndMove™.