What to Expect

During each therapy session, a trained MyndMove™ therapist leads the patient through various stimulation protocols, each designed to produce a different purposeful movement. Individuals may experience a tingling or pins-and-needles sensation when the device electrically stimulates the muscles. In a one-hour session a client can expect to receive approximately 40 minutes of electrical stimulation.

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Common Results

Individuals have different rehabilitation goals and respond differently to therapy. Clinical studies have demonstrated meaningful improvement during the first 20 sessions of therapy and continued improvements have been observed with additional sessions. The total number of recommended sessions is dependent on the individual’s goals.

MyndMove™ patients have reported one or more of the following improvements upon conclusion of their first 20 sessions:

  • improved functional movement of the arm, hand and fingers
  • reduction or elimination of pain in shoulder, back and hand
  • relaxation of muscles in the hand and fingers, reduction in spasticity
  • better balance and gait
  • a more positive attitude towards therapy and recovery
  • higher self-esteem
  • new hope

As in any therapy program, individual results may vary.
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