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Thank You for contacting MyndTec to learn more about MyndMove™. Below is the link to a PDF of the Clinician Brochure.

MyndMove™ is improving the lives of many individuals who have upper extremity paralysis or paresis post stroke or spinal cord injury.

MyndMove™ is a non-invasive functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy designed to promote neuroplasticity to improve voluntary movement of the hand and arm.

What makes MyndMove™ unique?

  • Only FES Therapy to treat the whole arm, from shoulder to fingers
  • The therapy uses pre-designed movements that can be applied to activities of daily living such as hand to the mouth, reaching forward and sideways, and grasping different types of objects like pens, mugs and cards.
  • Clinical studies have demonstrated meaningful improvements in voluntary arm and hand function in individuals with severe impairments.

MyndMove™ is currently available in Canada and the USA.