Restoring Independence, one Step at a time.

The MyndStep™ is equipped with two convenient simulation modes depending on patients’ injury level.

The Train Mode

For patient who is unable to do active training, transtioning from passive training to walking training. This mode is ideal for muscle training when sitting or lying. The purpose of this mode is to accelerate muscle recovery, retard atrophy of the injured leg, keep and improve the ankle’s range of motion, and enhance local blood circulation

The Walk Mode

Stimulate while walking, restore neurological motor function. This mode helps you walk with normal gait when you want to walk, stimulate while walking, and repeated training will leave traces on cerebral cortex, meanwhile, it feeds back to central nervous system, restoring cerebrum neurological motor function

Technical Specifications

ModesTrain Mode, Walk Mode
Output WaveformSymmetrical biphasic pulse
Pulse DurationAdjustable 50-500 μs, stepping 10 μs
Pulse Frequency Adjustable
Intensity 0-100 mA
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Foot Drop Therapy

The MyndStep System is intended to provide ankle dorsiflexion in adult and pediatric individuals who have foot drops following an upper motor neuron injury or disease. During the swing phase of gait, the MStim Drop LGET 233 electrically stimulates muscles in the affected lower leg to provide dorsiflexion of the foot. It improves gait, facilitates muscle re-education, prevents or retard disuse atrophy, maintains or increases joint range of motion, decreases pain, and increase local blood flow. 

Ankle Dorsiflexion


Suitable for restoring lower limp function after central nervous system injury due to upper motor neuron lesions.

  • neuromuscular electrical stimulation, promotes circulation, prevents deep vein thrombosis, prevent muscle atrophy, prevents joint contracture, improves function.
  • assist walking training to avoid the formation of a wrong walking exercise pattern, helping patients to form a good quality walking exercise mode.
  • compensatory foot drop, assisted walking.
  • Promotes activation of weak inhibited dorsiflexors and promotes improved gait (walking) with minimal compensatory movement patterns


Built- in Smart Sensor

The built- in gyroscope and acceleration sensor control the timing and duration of electrical stimulation by tracking the swing angle and pace of patient’s leg

Wireless Bluetooth Connection

Quick, easy and convenient connection to facilitate quantitative motion data.

Small Unit

Small and portable unit, usable with straps. It can be used for prolonged time without a sense of heaviness while walking.